Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Syawal is the 10th month of the Muslim calendar year. It falls after the month of Ramadhan, the month full of test and blessing. All Muslims are compulsory to fast and avoid themselves from anything that can annul their fast

1st. Syawal is prohibited to fast, and Syawal iself is the month for all Muslim to celebrate their victory from the test. As usual families, acquaintances and friends visit and gathering were held, forgiving each other. For the big families, it will be a difficulties to visit each of the family members and friends in this time and business hustle.

My (Allahyarham) father were raised in a big family, the 5th. from 11 brothers and 4 sisters. Every year (Hari Raya) they'll take turn hosting for 'Family Raya Gathering'. This year is my family's turn to be the host. We have successfully organised the gathering on the second day of Syawal.
We served several types of food, such as Nasi Beryani, Laksa Johor, Nasi Himpit, Spagetti some fruits, Sirap Bandung and not to forget mineral water.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ramadan & Syawal

Ramadan is on the edge and Syawal starts peeping through.

Praised and thanks to God for giving me another chance faithfully and piety fully wade through this noble month, the month for God.
May all the practices and our deeds be in willingness of God. "AMIN".

This fully rewards month is leaving and no one knows if they will still live and have another chance to serve it.
Syawal appeared for the victory of spiritual and physical desire restrain. The month of forgiveness between one another.
The month of joyful for children that creates the environment.


Monday, March 30, 2009


Can you imagine being in a deep terribly horrify moment. Nothing else can be done except self surrendered to the circumstances. Death that came without warning, grabs our soul in various ways or occasions, brutally or respectfully, caused by human deeds or nature disasters.
It was my first and unforgettable memory overseas trip. But things are not as beautiful as anyone could imagined, like what we expected and appreciated. Bad things could happen instead unexpectedly.
I was almost been bitten and shredded into pieces by 2 waist height doberman dogs and could vanished without trace. It happened 19 years ago during my working trip to Paris, France.
We still have a good contact and working spirit with our pioneers and former employer, Takano Landscape, Japan. I was abroad to joint the implementation of Albert Khan Jardine in Paris. I was doing fine during my stay there though I'm not quite comfortable with the weather that I have to wear three layers of shirts all the time. Site works environment is not that tough as in Malaysia. We did visit a lot of famous places in France as well.
I'm sharing a cabin with Saido san (Mr. Higuichi's son) located in a gated parking area next to the project site and 10 minutes walking distance from our site office. As usual, I've to walk from office every late night back to my cabin to sleep.
Days and weeks passes so fine and full of excitement until one horrible late night. I entered the parking area, as usual locked the gate behind me and walked about 50 meters towards my cabin. In the hazy and misty night, there were 2 Frenchmen loading something (stolen things I believe) in their car booth while a lady standing by their car, all of a sudden and from nowhere came these 2 doberman dogs fiercely running towards me. In the midst of distance towards my cabin and the gate behind me, I was bare handed and helpless when the two waist height dogs fiercely growling with their big sharp fangs a few inches (sejengkal)away from me ready to attack. I was petrified and stiff paralysed as I felt myself bloodless standing on the edge of my life. It's only my voice screaming to the bloody owners to stop their damn dogs, ignoring that Frenchmen hate English language. I wish I had a gun and shoot them all at that very moment.
I'm stunned, blanked and bloodless, not even god's name cross my mind as I used to devote. But in god's name too everything turns to be alright and I thank god for giving me the test to feel and experience that level, kind of feeling or emotion, when death is the climax or the end of life. It was a test from HIM and HE is the Most Merciful and Most Powerful.
Al Fatiha:
"In the name of ALLAH, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
Praise be to ALLAH, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the world;
Most Gracious, Most Merciful;
Master of the Day of Judgment.
Thee do we worship, and Thine aid we seek.
Show us the straight way,
The way of those on whom Thou hast bestowed Thy Grace, those whose (portion) is not wrath, and who go not astray."

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Life steps a head with a blink of our eyes. No matter how hard we try to sustain our glorious time or the limit of strength we have ever had. Unconsciously it seems to be decreasing and sooner or later it will vanish unavoidable.

We are still able to move around as we like till one day that we have to be moved by others to where we should be. Whether we like it or not, we have to face it.

We are used to be driven by one driver in a spacious vehicle to anywhere we wish, but day will come for us to be driven by more than one driver in a narrow vehicle to the certain and definite place without arguments.

3 things will be brought along, families & friends, properties, life practise (Amal & Iman) (Good and bad deeds).                                                                                                      

Only life practise (Amal & Iman) will be remained with.

In a gloomy and sorrowful event, accompanied by grievous faces of families and friends, we will be left alone in a deep of darkness and silence. The loves one and everything that we work for, own and appreciated will be left behind accept for our life practices (both of our good and bad life deeds) accompanying us for judgement.

'Sleep is a short death but death is a long sleep'.

When, where and how the parting of our physical body and soul occurred is out of our knowledge and control but it is all in HIS hand. HE is the Most Knowledgeable.

"Innalillah wainna ilahirojiun"

'From God We Came, To HIM We Will Be Returned'

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Azan is a summon for prayer delicately to those who disregard and a reminder to those who perceived and faithfully obeyed the obligation towards their Creator. Believing and understanding the existence of the Creator and It's creation awake us from our incautious life.

The awareness of my existence on this ephemeral (fana') nature, inspired me to explore further to where my destinations will be.

First of all let me begin with a question of, who am I? We need to know who we are. Which one is the real of 'ME' or 'AKU' originate from Allah The Almighty, that will be returned back to HIM?
Is it the one that obviously be seen complete with head, body, hands and legs?.. No, that's only the casing / housing or physical body of us that we lodge in.

We lodged in our casing / housing or physical body that had been created from 4 types of element. Earth, fire, water and wind/air. Without these 4 elements we will not exist. Our flesh is from earth, fire is our blood that flows forming as a fuel and water that we need into our body both for the energy, and wind/air that we inhale(pump in) to generate the cycles. Look at when we are dead, all the 4 elements will be returned back to their origin. Flesh will be returned back to the earth or be eaten by maggots, blood and water that stop flowing, dries out and air will not be pumped in. All that are new to us and will not last forever.
So, the real 'ME' or 'AKU' is our soul blown in by Allah The Almighty into the physical body as an instrument to live and move, to see, to think, to talk etc. That 'ME' or 'AKU' (our soul) will be returned back, for our judgement and reciprocation (pembalasan) by it's Belonging.
That's where the destination will be.


Friday, January 30, 2009

A Moment In Muar

Early morning my first day in Muar after dawn prayer, sneak out to buy breakfast for the whole family, then tidy up a few things back home.

After that, a short visit to the place where we surrendered the body of our arwah beloved father (kubur = cemetary). It was a calm and quiet place accompanied by gravestones and shady trees, alone all by myself read a chapter of Surah Yassin and a prayers for the soul of the dwellers specially my arwah beloved father.

With fully awareness and respect, I left the compound back home.

On my way back, I noticed that a driving range was on bussiness and decided to drop by for my swing improvement, especially on my driver hit. It tooks me about 1 hour to hit off all 100 balls I had paid for. It was interesting and not an easy game as it looks like. The most my driver hit can go is about 160~170M drop and roll over up to 180~190M.

Drive back home under a clear sky when the sun was about to be straight on top of my head.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Spending In A Short Break

A short break for Chinese New Year is coming. It will be spending with pocket full of dust. No gaji and the worst thing is out of saving "poochik" merely depending on plastic money which about to reach the maximum credit limit.

Back to hometown Muar for Arwah Feast (Kenduri Arwah) of my arwah beloved father. It was a cool and smooth 2 hours driving from my place (Balakong). Though it was a heavy traffic on my way but it flows quite smoothly. We stop for a while at Seremban R&R for Maghrib prayer and to fill car petrol, what else, paying with 'zzass'.

We reach Muar at about 8.30 pm. be continued....'sambunggggg'....